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Ujani Fonseca

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Chache cache


Big G
cache me
let me free


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no google love?

Ujani Fonseca

Web 3.0


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one two three ping

lets get indexed!!

Who am I?

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I am Ujani Fonseca, Entrepreneur; Founder; Intellectual… :lol: ROTFL HAHAHAHAHA!

In all honesty, I do know I am exactly the same as you: pure energy… hacked in a way that allows it (we) the privilege of believing it is itself (you, me) so having the opportunity to create and add its own little hacks (experiences, decisions, imagination, everything) to our common mind (one).

That being kind of an intro for the next entry, a world wide premier: the first kviu channel on this planet (probably on the universe).

(from the there is method to my madness title)

I was not aware of all those early changes.

Building the balls to start sharing and expressing my opinions about anything and everything here and stop hiding behind talking about my self… promise.

I’m going public. Not like company public but Internet persona public. I made a first trial 4 year ago and it didn’t take inside me. I had enough knowledge but not the character so I almost never went outside of my domain (literally, like joining the conversation on other blogs and forums with my real name and stuff) and kept promoting faceless affiliate or ecommerce niches even fully knowing that my dreams were at the top of the network not on the feeding grounds.

I have enough character to launch now and I’m a human so ill keep growing.

So, I’m building my second “about me” (this is the first one from mid 2006 on Spanish ).

I went with mommy to ask for some data about my early years before Mexico, hoping to learn more about what I thought was my early life in Germany, and this is what I got:

A geographic chronology of my first five years alive

16 September 1981 – Born on Munich Germany
October before first month went to Zalsburg Austry
New year 1981 – 1982 spent on a train to Paris
January (4 months alive) spent on Paris, Barcelona, ending on Munich
February 1982 we travel to Mexico City
March 1982 to Bogota
1 year: June or July (?) – December 1982 Mexico City
December 82 – July 83 Bogotá
2 years: July 83 – Oct 84 Mexico City
3 years: Oct 84 – Jun 86 Munich
Jul 86 Mexico (5 years)

what tha fuck!

That explains a lot of stuff :mrgreen:

It felt a bit itchy at first but now feels a bit edgy… I like edgy

Smoke signals

January 27, 2010 — Leave a comment

I extremely feel funny feel extremely funny (see?)

Yesterday Pashma started meaawwwuing hardcore at 6:4thysomething in the morning, so I went out of bed (deliciously hot) to check the cat food and water fulfillment center and found that they had all they need. I was about to return to bed wen I looked outside and immediately knew I was not returning to sleep.

Later I thought I could use a nap :mrgreen: … but those do not take on me (unless I’m completely wasted), so I don’t bother trying.

Mondays I have buuuusy… so I do not check the personal net till the night (bunch of Mondays doing that). Two days ago (Monday) though, early on the afternoon I felt a need to see one reflection from the book of mirrors and I could not simply say to me “latterz”, so I went in 3 minutes after a message was written that I had and wanted to read (no kidding, I was like wtf, omg is this some synk’t shit or what?).

Was that a connection? I think so.

I have this feeling I’m about to learn a ton.


[Here a pic of the Popo and the Ixtla connected by a fume right before the sun goes out (not as pretty as that description probably; right now I'm better trained with words than photos) its supposed to go, and will go wen ping rates become normal again (can't upload the pics right now)]

They are having a chat hidden into the smoke.

(enough of the berrinche of having lost all my photos once… the cloud will now protect them from my own stupidity… tech is great :mrgreen: )

Got Ya!

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Or should I say you got me?

Yesterday I installed the feedburner plugin and I wake up today to see the stats: wooooooooow que miedo…

I did not expected to have more than a handful of subscribers.

Hola who ever you are people, I do not know why you read this hehe

But thank you!

Attention its priceless.

On a side note I keep seeing and trying to ignore the analytics with 200 something visits on January (before that there where only a few monthly), with like 30 something from Mexico.

Having seen a few subscribers to’s feed made ignoring Mexican stats very difficult.

This is scaring the heck out of me :oops: (a bit) :mrgreen:

The other day

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I was working and Alejandra and Carmen started to make all kinds of ‘xited noises so I went out.

They were laughing and like having a party in front of the computer and had just let the cat out of the hat (“one,two,three someone’s there for me!”, or something like that).

I went like OMG! were do I hide lol (that’s a super over exaggeration… I was hyperventilating a bit, ok :) ).

Like 40 minutes latter we completely jaw dropped.


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We are like children; strong happy emotions and laughter roller-coasters

How do you do that?

It’s like perfectly orchestrated and synkt. Like art

I so much want to e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g


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Its incredible how having both the Telmex 4MB and the Cablevision 6MB to allow us to surf Web 3.0 style (video/audio streams, web 2.0 scripts/cloud software) with out clogging the line, and equally important to completely avoid downtime, today both lines went offline on us letting this place networkless (’till 40 min ago).

This morning I was writing something here wen the grooveshark stopped playing and I instantly knew: oh oh.

What a suspense/tension creating moment for this to happen right today lol.


Over the last 6 years as an Internet entrepreneur I have collected a huge amount of quotes. Many times I would move from my old computer to a new one with just my work files, and my quotes document.

Wen I lost them with everything one time, I started collecting again almost immediately. I don’t chose any kind of quote; only quotes that speak directly to my soul, or the ones that contain some obviously wise mental model that I want to integrate and have into my thinking toolbox.

Just recently I opened my quotes file (now on the cloud) to add a poetic quote from the 1300′s that speaks directly to my soul, and found a bunch of quotes I would like to start pouring here.

I’ll start with one I lost years ago and found again today.

It has a gem about how to immerse your self totally on any new idea or concept to test out if such reality model fits you well, and talks about freeing your imagination.


Suck my mind

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That was the most amazing mental blow job ever. The funniest thing is that I’m not even sure who was behind of it all. Did I just blew my self? If so, how do I do that again?

I don’t think it was me because it ended a week ago and I tried hard to continue on my own with no luck. It was a glitch on the universe, the universe helping me out with inspiration, or a really cool free spirit (or two).

It felt great; it pushed me beyond my own limiting beliefs about myself. It also made me feel sexy again which is great (had months without feeling much of that).

I discovered that I enjoy long mental intercourse as much as sex.

I’m forever grateful for this exquisite mind job wherever it came from.

It leaves me on a whole new game.


One on the rocks

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or two or… I lost the count.

Microexpresiones, tonos, tiempos y movimientos

Hace un ratito nos paro el alcoholimetro de regreso.

“no tome alcohol… (pausa prolongada) …casi”

La mano esta diciéndonos que podemos pasar, lo mismo la palabra… los ojos como buscando entender que es lo que esta pasando jiji

Que tontito

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If we are imagining someone/thing where there is nothing,
creating (tele-transporting?) what we desire out of thin air
we are looking forward to meeting with such reality
so here we go

and that’s anything but literal, that’s more on the realms of magick that on the realms of strictly direct metaphors

a spell

The imagination is everything model mixed with the power of faith, the fact that our brain can’t tell what is real from what is going on just into our imagination (visualization) and the strong effect that “seeing” something as real has on our faith on such thing. A proven winner.

Reality is a self fulfilling prophecy that reinforces the world view of its creators.

Still thinking I know what I saw but wouldn’t really doubt it right now (so there is no way to tell for sure, unless I’m told).

Both for the possible future scenarios and for the incredible spur of energy that its bringing into my life.

I know what I saw

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at least thats where I’m at after a review of what its there

That could be delusional but I’ll take that on the risks rocks with a twist please lol :mrgreen:

If this is my worst oso ever hopefully no one who gives a shit is watching

I’ll explain laterz why I’ll keep at this even if there’s no this to keep at


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Did I just made the worst mess ever on the Internet?… nah, that would be amazing!

I’m starting to think I’ve been having strong hallucinations lately. Right now with current data I  have no way of knowing for sure if I was having a bunch of hallucinations or if I was seeing real things, so until a rainbow shades light on the subject, I have to be very careful about how I go around all this visions (I mean they could be real visions of the future OR pure madness and even offensive & creepy.)

If this was creepy and offensive, I’m sorry! (honestly and profoundly sorry)… I kind of mistaken the Internet with a chambrita and started threading… mostly because I live under the belief that there are no coincidences, but this could be a real learning experience for me having made all this mess alone playing with my mind.

Maybe there are some coincidences? … kind of hard to believe after more than a decade living under the model of us as one mind (so there could be no coincidences only decisions), but hey, I’m a kid, I still have a lot to learn.

I so much hope that those where not my hallucinations because I was enjoying it a lot (also, knowing that I still keep some degree of mental sanity would be great :mrgreen: ) .