Internet Marketing

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Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing Mix

Internet Marketing is the art and science of effectively spreading your ideas and gaining mind share using the new tools and channels that the Internet puts at our disposal.

There are probably hundreds of Internet Marketing systems and diagrams of how online marketing should be done. A system in it self is weak because its easy duplicable, giving you little to no competitive advantage.

In order to be an effective Internet marketeer you should spend more time understanding the web as a huge social network, and getting the big picture than into learning systems, methods or tools.

Methods are a good quick cash solution, but for building a long term successful Internet business, Internet Marketing would be the right place to start (unless you are already rich, or are ok with going with VC).

Having a clear understanding of the big picture of the Web, will allow you to create original unique creative marketing funnels, that are difficult if not impossible to duplicate, strengthening your brand, and giving you a strong advantage over your competition.

Just be moderate on your IM information intake, because it has been proven more than once that Internet marketing can get terribly adictive.



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