What the fuck is going on

November 10, 2007 — 3 Comments

with the flowers and the sun
and the river that flows

From the many meanings of everything
I started writing this, “solo” without my self
meaning nothing

No, really
I mean its poetry right?
It should come clean, with no judgment

So lets get back together
and try to write this poem
in English

Sometimes I think I should be thinking a lot less
many more land based reality’s and less stress
y hasta rima… (nah who am I kidding? I don’t; or maybe just sometimes?)

Not that I’m that stressed really
was just a poetry thing, sort of a metaphor
you give the values you create your meanings

The crazy wild roller coaster of life
yesterday went white mad
and I throw up

I am in love with nature
constantly going to the park
to see the trees and the squirrels and all that

Its wonderful what you can find in the sky
also wonderful wen its full of stars
as looking within

Each their own and all that… but many many times
I’ve seen a beautiful cartepillar become an unbelievable butterfly
its not a moraleja, I’m just a “go natural” hippie kind of guy (and its my poem jaja)

Imagination its a skill, about many things and connecting the dots
Imagination its my thing, swimming in dreams that I love
I’m so into Imagination and connecting the dots that I’m constantly loosing track

of reality

Are you reading this?, who are you? I’m intrigued
answer me… somehow, please



3 responses to What the fuck is going on

  1. Me encanta tu blog! Muy bonito post! Todavía puede hacer muchas cosas para mejorarlo.

  2. Seguir trabajando, gran trabajo!

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